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  Recently, Hui-speed antenna Technology Co., Ltd., Dongguan City, through municipal enterprise technological centers identified, and access to the Dongguan municipal government reward fund of 100 million. Hui-speed Enterprise Technology Center was established in 2003, over the years, enterprise technology centers continue to train and attract talent, establish a sound internal innovation mechanism, in commitment to corporate and government of major scientific and technological projects, the integration of research and development of mobile communications antenna landscaping business and industry standards, promoting technological progress, integrating internal and external resources, to provide strategic policy recommendations for the development of enterprises has played a major role. The pass found, reflecting the Dongguan city government to speed Fai Enterprise Technology Center fully affirmed. Hui-speed enterprise technology center will also take this opportunity to further strengthen the organization and function, and improve the innovation system, strengthen its exemplary role in the adjustment of product structure, enhance their core competitiveness, in order to promote technological progress, improve enterprise position in the industry to play a greater role

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