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  GUANGDONG HUISU TELECOMMUNICATION TECH INC.was established in September 2003, is committed to providing mobile communications integration landscaping suppliers and service providers of professional antenna and antenna feeder overall solution is the development, production, sales and service in one of the national high-tech enterprises. Since Hui speed since its inception, put innovation as an important development strategy, we have major universities and research institutes to establish a wide-ranging and in-depth research and cooperative relations, and has a provincial enterprise technology development center. In recent years, Hui-speed national patent applications total more than 100, won several provincial and municipal science and technology awards.

  Huisu is the global market leader in integrated technology beautification antenna system supplier in the industry first proposed the integration of "resource conservation and environmental protection," the concept of beautification antenna, and led the development of the industry standard "mobile communication base station with integrated landscaping antenna technology ", has developed an integrated cover 2G and 3G networks beautification antenna system products, as well as 2G / 3G compatibility, integration of new base stations 3G / 4G LTE compatible beautification antenna system products for major carriers and system integrators to provide a large number of excellent antenna feeder system solutions and services, the companys products and technology in 3G / 4G base station antenna segments integrated industry-leading level, to promote the sharing and intelligence base to play a larger urban construction effect.