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  1, industry status

  Huisu is a highly focused and integrated broadband camouflaged antenna core, multi-network co-located professional providers and service providers co-located base station antenna system integrated solutions, but also the world's first proposed "integration camouflaged antenna "design concept and manufacturers of products, with the core independent intellectual property rights, in the camouflaged antenna industry has a unique position in the industry-leading.

  2, the core competitiveness

  ◆ integration within the world's leading industry camouflaged antenna design capability;

  ◆ leading broadband antenna design capability;

  ◆ design capacity leading ESC antenna;

  ◆ leading antenna miniaturization design capabilities;

  ◆ leading antenna integrated design capability;

  ◆ industry first proposed and expand the "multi-network co stations co-located antenna system integrated solutions," the research and technology development.

  ◆ camouflaged antenna founder of industry standards.

  3, the comprehensive advantages

  (1) Fai speed with high antenna around the core, cross-industry R & D strength.

  (2) Fai speed through integrated design integrated design, solve customized (personalized) and mass production of contradiction (must be done while the antenna body appearance customization standardized, so that the feedback from the market demand for products - R & D - - production - delivery cycles).

  (3) huisu with broadband and ultra-broadband antenna design capability (technology accumulation and personnel)

  (4) with technical innovation (theory, applications, technologies, processes, structures) and proprietary technology, the advantages of intellectual property rights, to achieve differentiated technologies, products and services.