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  2003: Preparatory and established businesses;

  2004: developed the world's first indoor coverage can be lit ceiling ultra-wideband omnidirectional antenna;

  2005: First, the industry developed a dual broadband lights, lawn and other landscaping antenna invisible cell coverage, and to achieve mass production applications, to solve the problem of cell coverage in the industry, promote the development of the industry;

  2006: The base station antenna ESC research, the integration concept extends to a base station antenna landscaping areas; "3G repeater antenna series Stealth camouflaged" by the Guangdong provincial high-tech products;

  2007: TD-SCDMA smart antenna monopole six units forming the base station power transfer Integrated camouflaged antenna products output; by Dongguan City, patent pilot and patent cultivating enterprise; by SGS of ISO9001: 2000 and QC080000 dual system certification;

  2008: TD-SCDMA electrically tunable antenna integrated landscaping solutions was "Guangdong-Hong Kong breakthroughs in key areas project (Dongguan special)" Project funding; hui speed company the first national high-tech enterprise certification;

  2009: first proposed "total station co-located" antenna and landscaping design concept solutions and project development; by Datang Mobile and China Mobile's acceptance; winning in 2009 Guangdong-Hong Kong breakthroughs in key areas project;

  2010: TD smart antennas successfully nominated China Mobile; the successful implementation of the first phase of the equity financing, the introduction of strategic investment, to a new level of development; and China Mobile Group to build antenna testing laboratory; as the main drafting unit, involved in the development "one of the camouflaged antenna technology "industry standard; as a main drafting units, to help China Mobile Group and China Telecom Group to develop its corporate standards;

  2011: The Dongguan municipal enterprise technology Center finds; access Dongguan Science and Technology Award, Patent Excellence Award and Innovation Enterprise Award; through ISO14001 environment system certification;

  2012: The City Engineering Center finds, in Dongguan City, listed reserve enterprise; title of Guangdong Province;

  2013: push total stations co-located multi-network solutions, municipal technology center, in cooperation with HUST, mobile Institute of Science and Technology Office of LTE projects eligible for the project;

  2014: promote lean management and business unit performance evaluation reform, preparations for the second round of financing and the share reform.