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  By taking the open innovative culture as its culture core, taking the deep R&D of the antenna industry as its ideal to support people’s wireless digital life, taking the construction of the harmonious wireless network and the value creation for customers as its honor, and taking efficiency, vigor, optimism & harmony as its style, Huisu strives to be a responsible public enterprise in the Chinese scientific and technical field.

  Culture Core: By advocating the science, technology and innovation, based on the scientific research and market team and oriented by the customer needs, Huisu broadens its view to create the decorative antenna innovation platform and establishes the open strategic cooperation relationship with its peers in the wireless communication field, to realize double wins.

  Team Culture: According to Huisu, the employees are not only the service targets, but also the trustable and dependable strength; they are the creator of Huisu’s material & spiritual wealth. Thus Huisu tries to build up a highly-efficient and vigorous team, and enables them to enjoy the pleasure & meaning of work in the course of creation.